Ascribing Value: How your clients view your brand

The human mind is generally far more eager to praise and dispraise than to describe and define. It wants to make every distinction a distinction of value; hence those fatal critics who can never point out the differing quality of two poets without putting them in an order of preference as if there were candidates for a prize. -CS Lewis

Rarely do you hear a referral/non-referral of a product or service that is void of emotion. Rather, it’s based on emotion. We find ourselves using the features and aspects of a service to justify our emotion behind the praise/dis-praise always adding a personal bias to what it is we are describing. Lawn care, a bowling ball, outsourced technology, a CPA – none are exempt from this range of thinking.

Thus, as a marketing/sales person I must remember the ramifications of this as I engage in the market place.

  • Our clients, to no fault of their own, will only dig as deep as their recent emotion to validate or dismiss the product/service.
  • Managing expectations may be the most crucial aspect in protecting the future praise of your service
  • In a service model, strong client relationships protect against dis-praise and/or promote praise despite the actual evidence for such a testimony
  • Law of diminishing return will set it in with long standing clients, the pain, now gone due to your product/service, tends to lose meaning over time, thus emotions must be stoked through proving new value and/or services that further enable or prevent pain

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