If your biased and you know it clap your hands

Organizational alignment isn’t necessarily a positive. Huh? Having everyone on the same page, aligned, and headed in one direction can be a very good thing…unless of course the same page happens to be in the wrong book and/or the direction is the wrong direction.

There is something called ‘Choice-supportive bias‘.
In short, you ascribe much value to the known quantity that is your decisions.

When someone looks to take a company or a division a new direction or re-align sales territories they are bucking the system. Perhaps in a small way, perhaps in a big way, but either way, there is no longer alignment but rather diffusion is introduced.

If you are in sales or marketing you run up against this everyday. When I am selling something I am attempting to challenge another individual’s (or company’s) past decision/s. This is emotional. People, myself included, really like the decisions we have made and sometimes hate it when people try to ‘buck’ their system. 

Thus, selling is not for the faint of heart. People, once again myself included, are arrogant at times…thinking that whatever it is you are telling me can’t possibly be as good as what I know to be true.

Number one ally = PAIN

Regardless on whether or not the prospect made the right decision or not, pain inevitably comes from that decision at one point or another. Identifying the pain in the prospect’s current situation is the first thing you must do (done through asking good questions, not rambling on and on about your company). Pain is the megaphone that gets their attention and why you have their ear in the first place.

A system breaks, a CPA does a bad job, a steak must be sent back because it wasn’t cooked to order, etc. All pain causes one to wonder whether or not they made the right decision irrespective of past successes. Current pain speaks louder than past successes. Thus for a sales/marketing person it’s their job to be on the short list of options should pain occur.

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