Creating urgency

I am one of those has-been types. Basically a person who excelled in sports at an early age, developing a very competitive spirit early in life, and can’t quite live up to the hype they have in their head. I peaked when I was 13 sad to say. All the other kids hit puberty and all I did was hit my awkward years. However, what I have left is the need for competing – what does that look like today as a ‘jack of trades’ in a white collar job?

I have identified the common denominator as urgency. Urgency in sports looks different than it does in sales/marketing/hr/etc but none the less triggers a mechanism that I personally enjoy. Where I have no urgency I tend to have apathy. I hate myself when I am apathetic, in all areas of life – not just business.

Examples of creating urgency:
-Challenge someone to a weight loss competition, put real $ or time on the line
-Tell people on your team that you will have X done by Y date, post it to a discussion board, have people depend on you, so that if you don’t get it done you FAIL someone.
-Rob yourself of conveniences until you accomplish X
-Schedule an appointment before you have done the work, thus you must get it done by a certain date
-Have a party at your house so that you actually have a reason to clean it

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