Choosing Not to be Lame

Everyday I feel that I wake up ‘lame’ rather than vibrant, engaged, and ready. That just me?

Thus, each day I must wake up twice. Once from my sleep and again from my lame stupor. The earlier the 2nd awakening happens the better it is for me and all those who I come into contact with. If I am honest, somedays I don’t even wake up from my 2nd sleep. I carry my ‘lame’ self around fooling many of those around me. I cheat them when this happens.

I know I am being lame when:

  • I am being an asshole – I am consumed with self
  • Unable to think quickly – I am not engaged
  • Uninterested in all things – I am not seeing the bigger picture

To wake up I attempt to practice the following disciplines/activities:

  • Meet with someone first thing – Immediately I need to engage with someone in the real world, rather than crawl into my office/cube stuck with my own thoughts
  • Go for a run or hit the gym – Exerting effort and struggling helps me break the spell
  • Read and write – Helps me process and ask bigger life questions

This was on my mind today because I woke up lame. I didn’t really wake up until later in the day. I hate being lame. Hate it! I must choose the above disciplines/practices daily in order not to be lame daily.

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