Nerves & Business: Embracing Nervousness Daily

I had a communications professor in college who discussed embracing nerves as a central aspect to every speech/presentation you give. She framed up the conversation by saying butterflies are good so long as they fly in formation. I haven’t forgotten this, as nerves play an interesting role in my life and every time I give a speech/presentation or make a pitch.

I have seen nerves get the best of me (where I totally flop) as well as give me the fuel to give an impassioned presentation around seemingly mundane topics. Either way, I have come to love the role nerves play in my daily life.

How does nervousness intersect your daily life? Do you still get nervous? Do you enjoy it? Hate it?

Some brief thoughts around nerves, business, and their role:

  • Nervousness is good
  • If I don’t have nerves around something it is an indictment against my attitude in the matter.
  • The people that say they don’t get nervous before a speech/event/sales presentation/etc are either:
    • Lying
    • Or, they don’t care about their audience/others. Care, in this case meaning do they understand the weight of ideas? Are they understanding that they are stewarding other’s time? 
  • Do you get nervous when you meet people of rank?
    • If so, does that mean you value them more than other people? Not ideal.
    • If not, does that mean you are self-righteous and don’t view them as important? Not ideal.
    • What’s the balance here? 
  • When I look at others as being no greater & no less than myself is when I am at my best for their sake and mine.
  • Are your nerves based on peoples perception of you? If so, this is likely the paralyzing kind of nerves because it’s completely out of your control. 
  • If your nerves are based on the being the absolute best steward of the moment at hand then this is likely the kind of nerves that will enhance your performance and experience of the event

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