Mentality for the Marginal (& Pavlov’s Dogs)

A mentality for the marginal…you and I both suffer from this. We stare at our phones while wisdom leaves our heads. We are officially addicted to the trivial. Our brain has fidgets that didn’t exist 3-5-10 years ago. We are consumed by unactionable information that adds little to no value outside of being more versed for pop-culture conversations. What show are you watching? Did you hear about XYZ event? Can you believe said president said _____? All marginal. All shit. #AMAS

We have ‘news’ coming at us from all angles and we welcome it…we are Pavlov’s dogs. Pavlov in this instance is = Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Snap, we are their dogs, their slaves, their product. As the adage go, if its free you are the product.

Thus, going to put more effort and consciousness towards using mediums for meaningful transactions.

This likely means, but still to be determined:

* More blogging using WordPress

* Using Twitter but deleting it from my phone

* Stay away from Facebook + Instagram + Snap + others in this vein…AMAS

* LinkedIN TBD….need to refine use and notifications

* Feedly for following and curating meaningful content

More to come…..

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