Language you should remove from your vocabulary

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“In my Opinion”

“From my perspective”
….no crap its your opinion, perspective, etc….its coming out of your mouth. This phrase is some psychological game we play with ourselves and each other to soften the blow or present ourselves more humbly. It’s a waste of air and is an attempt to soften the blow of being direct. Being direct is more efficient and loving. I get the tactic of trying to remove defensiveness, but know that you are then shifting  gears to manipulate.
“May I interrupt”
Um, too late you just did. Its a lie, you are not asking permission you are asking forgiveness. If you are going to interrupt just do it.
Can I be honest with you? 
Can I be candid with you? 
No I want you to lie to me or speak in veiled comments
These phrases, and countless others, undermine your goal to be a clear communicator and add nothing to the conversation.
Take them out and you won’t regret it.
You will also stop being that weird/shady/slimy person that always interrupts a meeting with “can I be honest with you”……

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